Sunday, September 9, 2012


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Sept 17- Love Romance Passion 
  • Guest Post:   Dark Heroes in Romance

Sept 19- Law Reigns
  • Guest Post:   Top Five Laws You Don't Want to Break in  Santeria
  • Giveaway:   Zulu's favorite treat white chocalate brownies

Sept 20- Devlin Scott
  • Interview (pretty interesting questions Devlin came up with...btw)
  • Giveaway: ebook

Sept 21- Rex Robot Reviews
  • Guest Post: Controversial Books

Sept 23- A Daydreamer's Thoughts
  • Interview

Sept 24- Salicious Reads
  • Guest Post:  My Sexy Alphas
  • Giveaway: Lanore's Lavender Lollipops

Sept 25- Reflections of a Bookaholic
  • Guest Post: Books that Gave Me Literary Orgasms!
  • Giveaway: Lanore's Lavender Plum Lollipops (her other favorite lollipops)

Sep 27- The Urban Paranormal Book Blog
  • ZULU's interview.
  • Giveaway: White Chocalate cookies.

Sept 28- To Publish or Not
  • Lanore's interview
  • Giveaway: ebook
Sept 29- Mother Gamer Writer
  • Guest Post: Top 5 Favorite Book to Movie Adaptions
  • Giveaway: Brownies
Sept 30- Ficional Candy
  • Guest Post: Recipe for a Sexy Alpha
  • Giveaway: Lavender lollipops

Oct 1- Vampire Novel Fan

  • Guest Post: Top Five Vampire Novels
  • Giveaway: White chocalate brownies

Oct 2- Fangs for Fantasy

  • Guest Post: Game of Thornes Depression?:  5 ways to keep busy until the next season.
  • Giveaway: ebook

Oct 3- Little Library Muse
  • Guest Post: The Characters of the Santeria Habitat Series
  • Giveaway: Honey Lavender lollipops

Oct 4- Ken Paperless
  • Guest Post: The World of Santeria
Oct 5- Pavarti Tyler
  • MeShack's Interview

Oct 7- Du Livre
  • Interview

Oct 9- Wanted Readers
  • Exclusive The Burning Bush excerpt
Oct 11- Cup o Porn
  • Guest Post: Fantasy Books that Should Be Made Into Pornos

Oct 13- Pages of Forbbidden Love
  • Urban Fantasy Must-reads
  • Giveaway: ebook

Oct 18- SOS Aloha
  • Interview
  • Giveaway: White Chocalate cookies

Oct 22- The Book Nympho
  • Guest Post: Halloween Humping: Best books to read for this Halloween

Oct 31- Gothic Mom
  • Guest Post: What is Gothic Genre?

Nov 1- All Things Books
  • Guest Post: Books That Should Be Made Into Movies

Nov 1- Diverse Pages
  • Interview

Nov 2- A Great Book is The Cheapest Vacation
  • Guest Post: My Top Five Book Vacations

Nov 8- Opinions of a Wolf Blog
  • Interview
  • Print Giveaway

Nov 9- Hezzids Books and Cooks
  • Top Fantasy Cook Books
Nov 26- Emily's Crammed Bookshelf
  • Book Cover Orgasms: books I only bought for the cover.

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