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Santeria Habitat Series FAQ

Other FAQ

  • When is Chameleon (Cage Punks Book One) coming out?

Several things happened with the book. I foresee the book being released Spring 2014. If you want to be notified about the release ask to be put on the mailing list through my contact form.

  • Can you come on my blog/ website for an interview, guest post, and/or giveaway?

HELL YEAH! The best thing after completing the book and seeing the book cover is talking to people about the book! I love connecting with other authors and readers!  Drop your information on my contact form. 

Please include a link to your blog/website, what you want me to do, and when you want me to do it. Please be aware of my Blog Tour schedule that can be found on my home page in the right column next to my pictures.

  • Will you promote and/or review my book?

Maybe. If your book is 1) complete, 2) edited, 3) has a lot of romance in it, and 4) not over 120,000 words, I will most likely read it. Get in touch with me through me at my blog email address  with a link to your book and author website.

  • What are two things people don't know about you?

BIG University of Miami Fan

  • Can I be on your BETA Read team?

Beta Readers check out the book while its in production. The book has gone through all of the major editors but has not been through the final clean by a proofreader. Beta Readers let the author know if the book SUCKS, has scenes that don't make sense, etc

If you want to be on my Beta Read team. . .CONTACT me! :-)

  • I am a publisher. How can I publish your books in Spanish, French, Persian-farsi, etc ?

That is awesome! However, all of this should be directed to my publishing companies.

For the Santeria Habitat Series:

For the Vampire King Series:

  • Will your books be in my local bookstore?

Probably---For the Santeria Habitat Series.
Dragonfairy Press is working on the distribution system now. I will have a list of the book stores where my books are available in the future. Add your information to my contact form if you want to be notified.

  • Do you also write erotic romance?

Check out my Elf Erotica novella  Incubus Hunter  and Vampire King Trilogy.

  • Will there be a sequel to Incubus Hunter?

Yes. Blaze and Carmen have more adventures in the future. Its just that Lanore tortured me with fire so I had to give the Habitat series its attention. If you want to know when the sequel is released. . .(you know what I am going to say) jump on my contact form to be on the mailing list.

YES! I don't know why he won't return my calls.

  • The habitat series is reminiscent of the earlier Anita Blake series. Are you really Laurel K Hamilton writing under a pen name?

Nope. But, I am a huge fan of the earlier Anita Blake series. As far as I'm concerned LKH is the pioneer of the urban fantasy genre!

  • I've read your book reviews where you discuss humping books you love. Do you really hump them?

Of Course!! In fact, I hope you hump my books one day.

  • If you have more questions just drop the  question on my contact form!

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