Sunday, September 9, 2012

Santeria Habitat Series FAQ

How many books will be in he Santeria Habitat series?

At least five! 
I know the plot lines for the first five books. At that point I may continue the series forever like Laurel K Hamilton's Anita Blake series OR end it eventually like Ilona Andrews has planned to do for the Kate Daniels series.

Will they leave the caged cities?

That is such a big spoiler! All I can say is the setting will change!

Can I get an (ARC) and/or get one of the books free for review?

If you have a book blog, then contact me through the contact form notifying me that you want to do book reviews. Please put a link of your blog in the contact form.

Can I be on the Habitat Street Team?

Street Team Member- a fan who gets the word out about a particular book or series. In exchange the author gives the street team member exclusive items (free signed print copies of the books, t-shirts with the series logo, deleted scenes, etc,).

I actually do not have a Street Team. My plan is to form one right before Book 3 Wildfire Gospel is released. If you want to form or be a part of the Habitat Street team drop me a line on the contact form. I will put you on the list!

When is Book 3 Wildfire Gospel coming out?

Spring 2013

The status of MeShack in Book 3?

Really? You know I can't answer that.

I've heard that there will be a Free Fire Baptized Cartoon series offered on the web. When will it be aired?

I have an animation team working on it. There have been some major crazy things happening to slow production down. If you want to be notified when the cartoon series begins, let me know on the contact form.

Questions still not answered? Send me the question (through the contact form) and I will add it to the FAQ section!

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